Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Weekend Love

We had such a fantastic Valentines Day/Presidents Day long weekend! Jeff took 8 girls to the state swim meet in Fort Collins. None of them got their fastest times and only one qualified to swim after prelims, but it's still a really cool accomplishment! While he was away working Olivia and I were playing! On Friday evening we met up with some girls from work and my dear old friend and roommate Liz for a fondue party. We stayed way past Olivia's bedtime but she was a trooper and seemed to really like the treat :) On Saturday we met my dear friend Steph and her two year old son Jacob at a tiny amusement park called Lollipop Park in Denver. I wasn't sure what Olivia would think of it since she's never been on any type of rides alone before. But she seemed to LOVE it, as did Jacob. They rode on the train, the ferris wheel, teacups, swings, cars, jumped in the bouncy houses, ran around and had a yummy lunch. It was too adorable to handle! They've only played together a few times, but when they were running around and Jacob would get out of sight Olivia would say "where Jacob go?" So precious. After we got home Olivia and I also made a chocolate cake and our own pizzas :) On Sunday Jeff and I got to celebrate Valentines Day while my mom played with Olivia. They had a blast together and Jeff and I had a wonderful time watching a movie, eating sushi and getting ice-cream. It was perfect. :) Grandma brought a doll house for Olivia and ever since she left that I all Olivia wants to do. "Play doll house Mama?" "Play doll house Daddy?" It is really cute. On Monday we spent some time at the park, took a little nap, ran a couple of errands and had an all-around lovely day together. I wish all weeks had 3 day weekends. No, wait, I wish all weeks were 7 day weekends!!! I'm sad that I didn't get photos of our date or my time with Liz and the girls. But I have the memories, so that will do.

what chocolate?

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