Friday, February 14, 2014

this and that

Daddy's dream come true: snuggle time

hot cocoa after playing in the snow

silly faces! 

love her sweet "cheese" smile :)

my photo wall project!
 I've been dreaming about doing a special photo wall for a while now. I was generously gifted with cards for Hobby Lobby at Christmas time. It took a long time to figure out which photos to use, which frames, what sizes, what order and layout, etc. But I finally got it done! The long frame on the left has baby pictures of Cade and Olivia with their Daddy. The one under it is a picture of the ocean/beach in Oregon the week we got married. Next to the long frame is a sign I made with all our birthdays and our anniversary. It says "Happily Ever After." Under that is the word LOVE and under that is a wedding photo with the three of us. The drawing is of Cade done in pointillism by Jeff (of course!). Under that is a picture of Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak showing through, taken by Scott. Under that is a print of a boat similar to the one Jeff is building. The top right photo is one of my favorite pictures of Cade holding Olivia right after she was born. Then the S, followed by Olivia's silhouette. I just LOVE it! I can't wait to add to it with more special memories.

Olivia loves to put money in the piggy bank. 

Playing at the mall in the ice-cream truck.

doing dishes

ready to b

helping shovel

eating snow



silly monkey

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Sarah said...

Olivia is getting so big!! I love all the special moments..... especially Daddy brushing her hair after bath. Precious!

P.S. you are GORGEOUS!