Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pictures are worth 1000 words, right?

Because I'm posting more. Again. As usual.


her favorite toy- dollhouse


jammies and hoodie-checking out vday cards

talking on the phone

wiping Dora (Amelia's new name)

this little lady and I took a spontaneous trip to Golden on Saturday to watch Uncle Scottie in a karate tournament

her new leggings are too much. she loves them. 

our special mall treat from orange julius

more dollhouse

more painting

I said "smile for me" and she did :)
playing with "quiet boxes" which I hope she will someday be able to play with independently on sick days, cold days, or times when I need to get something done. 

poor girl has had a BAD cold. I stayed home with her Friday and Monday because of fever. This may be our new tradition. Sicknic on the bed. 

the kitty. we've been feeding him since he was born. he lives under our deck. he was playing (or hunting?) Bella and Jeff was able to get some photos. He is totally wild and will not even let us come outside without running away. 

Scott's group of competitors. 

We thought Scott's competition was at noon but it was actually at 5. So Olivia and I checked out the mall for HOURS. Good thing it was an awesome mall! 

Olivia made this Valentine for us with Nadxieli and even remembered which hearts said which names. So precious. 

My sweet vday gift from Jeff

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Cheryl said...

Did you go to Colorado Mills? It's a great place to roam with kids. AND it's 1 mile around the inside :). If I knew you came up this way I would have tried to meet you at the mall. You drove right past our house to get to Golden.