Thursday, August 28, 2014


Goodness I don't know how I can ever write down all that's happened in the last month. Let's just say a whirlwind is an understatement. We have moved into our home-FINALLY! It's wonderful and terrible all at once. The previous owners left it in pretty close to a disaster. We've since learned from neighbors and even our roofers that they weren't the "best" people. I'm still finding nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned and we've spent thousands of dollars fixing leaks, hauling away junk, on top of the planned rennovations we wanted to do (and those we will now have to put off for a while :(). Of course the renovating was planned, and even though it's been way more work than Jeff imagined, it's coming along beautifully. We have met 3 of our neighbors and they are all totally great. We are still able to walk downtown and to the library, which Olivia loves. Jeff has been tied up doing all kinds of work and there is plenty to be done. With my compulsive, type A personality I have to remind myself over (and over, and over, and over) again that we have all the time in the world to complete our dream house. Painting is not urgent. Hanging pictures is not urgent. Right? RIGHT? We've also had more fun at the beach, in the neighborhood, around our new area. We still love Maine! All of our new neighbors are amazing. We are really looking forward to getting to know them better, hopefully even having them over for a bbq or something someday :) Jeff starts work tomorrow, which is totally crazy. Cade starts next Wednesday. We're still trying to decide what kind of programs to enroll Olivia in, but are considering gymnastics and preschool. I am excited and apprehensive about the Fall. I can't wait for routine, friends, settling in, figuring things out. But I know that, while staying home is a dream for me, it's going to be really hard and very different than going to the office every day. I hope we all made good friends and feel at home here, in our new roles, our jobs, our schools, our home. It's really so awesome to think about how our family of 4 has changed in such cool ways in only a couple of months :) And now, total and complete picture overload. (another thing I hope I can maintain is the blog, but I think you all already know our daughter and her desire to be entertained at all times. Wish me luck!)

a little porch painting

look at those long curls!

he doesn't love to play dolls, but isn't it sweet :)

we went to the children's museum in Portland on a rainy day. so did all of Portland!

Olivia loves going to the coffee shop because she always gets a "special treat."

listening to some jammin' tuneage on Daddy's ipod. And then she drove to the mall ;)

library fun

peeling her own orange

playing at the "neighborhood park" which is what she called the park by our rental house

checking out a giant bug. she loves bugs and always says hi to them and mentions how nice they are.

library park

blueberry picking in our own yard!

sanding the floors. it only took about 4 times as long as we anticipated. here is Jeff using an invention I thought of-a paintbrush on the end of a broom handle to put on the polyurethane.

Nadxieli and her sweet mom sent a package to Olivia...

a monkey! look at that face! Abuela made it for her :)

"I did it!"

Olivia loves eating ramen noodles with her brother. And I think he loves making it for her :)

Olivia and I had a fruit picnic on the dock at waterfont park

my little darling

pjs and rainboots

the only pictures I got of our celebration meal after we moved into the "pink house" as Olivia calls it. the crayons are cute :)

she found her Easter dress from Grammy after we unpacked and it's all she wanted to wear for a few days

putting tape on everything!

we frequent this place too often

getting so big1

a trip to the farmers market always yields fruit (pies ;)

she loves cauliflower and broccoli, too

we got school supplies for Cade, so had to get some for Olivia, too.

taking a hike in the forest and the many faces of Livi

at least something at the new house is lovely :)

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