Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Pink House

While we were living in our rental house, which was white, we would call the home we made an offer on The Pink House for Olivia's pleasure. It stuck and now she still calls it Our Pink House :) Here are some stats and pictures for posterity's sake :)

sanding, finishing, painting floors in 4 rooms
touching up 4 rooms with paint
painting the kitchen cabinets
painting the stairs
carpeting the stairs
fixing and painting the back door
building a new bathroom (including bathtub, shower, tile walls, tile floor, fixtures)
rewire the "back room" for video games/movies
remove bushes from back yard
painted kitchen wall
fix leak in kitchen sink/replace faucet

to do:
paint 2 more exterior doors
insulate the attic
insulate the Back Room ceiling and put on drywall
finish the ceiling in the bathroom
touch up paint (or repaint) the hallway, which I can't get the color to match correctly
put trim back in bathroom
patch corners of walls in hallways
finish painting the 2nd coat and design on the kitchen floor
make new kitchen counters
new kitchen cabinets (many years from now, I'm sure)
beautify some of the landscaping
fix the entire carriage house (new back wall, new roof, replace windows, replace doors, fix floor, build work benches, rewire, put in lights, etc.)
build new kitchen table

Here are a few before and after (er, in progress) photos for posterity sake :)

living room facing front of house-before

livingroom facing chimney-before

livingroom facing back yard-before


dining room facing side of house-before (partially sponge painted)

dining room facing back of house - before

kitchen - in progress (4 layers of laminate/yellow cabinets)

dining room facing front of house - before

Cade's room - before

bathroom - before

our bedroom - before

Livi's bedroom - before (carpeted)

looking downstairs from the landing

view from the side of the house - before (bathroom window in place)

view into the backyard from the driveway

view of carriage house with bushes

view of backyard from side of house in the backyard (toward the school)

view of backyard toward the street

view of side of house from back yard

view of carriage house from the low side of the hill in the back yard

carriage house

view of house from the school side of the back yard

bathroom demolition

Livi's room - after (with big girl bed!)

basement laundry room with rugs and curtains to hide the unfinished walls

dining room facing the living room - after

dining room facing the front of house - after

livingroom facing the back of the house - after

living room from the front of the house - after

living room facing the front of the house - after

living room facing the chimney - after

dining room facing the kitchen - after

our room - after

nevermind the trim from the bathroom in the corner!

bathroom - after (notice no window)

part of the little things to be done: some of the cabinets won't close

kitchen - in progress (white cabinets)

oh yeah, the bathroom ceiling isn't quite finished ;)

or the trim...

wall corners in need of repair

can't find a match to touch up hallways

the most disgusting kitchen tiles n the history of the world

back room ceiling needs to be finished

back room walls need to be repaired

stairway in progress

a little detail of the house I love :)

finished stair runner!

more pretty details - front door knobs

bathroom demo

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mom said...

Oh my gosh!!! In such a short amount of time you have accomplished so much! I love, love, love your house. When you look at your to do list and feel overwhelmed; just look at all the before and after pictures of all you have done. What a lovely home you are making!!