Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer comes to an end

Who is excited about Fall? I am thrilled about a New England Autumn. Don't get me wrong, Summer is still my favorite season, but a girl can't help but get giddy about scarves, sweaters, everything pumpkin-flavored and colorful leaves on steroids ;) Summer has been winding down, but we sure haven't. Take a look for yourselves:

checking out a popular pond down the road. Livi even swam!

these Daddy-Daughter photos will never get old.

this has been the only way she will nap for 4-5 weeks...UNTIL yesterday. We are going on 2 days of napping in her bed. I hope I didn't just jynx it!

walking around after the rain looking for the perfect puddles.

Olivia and I drove to the mall in Portland (about 45 min. away and that's the closest one) and she had some fun. Not as good as the Colorado Springs play area, though :(

walking downtown to catch Trolley. the library puts on a program every week for 6 weeks where the kids and their parents ride for free and sing songs and read books.

I mean, is there anything cuter?

The night before the first day of school "celebration."  I got a few treats for Cade (and Olivia), hung up school color banners and wrote sappy notes. Plus he didn't have to do dishes and I served his favorite meal ;)

harvesting our tomatoes

hey look, I'm in a picture.

Olivia and I enjoying a special lunch at the coffee shop. My girl loves her salads.

our friendly spider, Chalk. named by Olivia. The biggest spider I've seen that close. Please stay outside, Chalk.

blowing bubbles

we went to the HS football game and it was sooo cool. Another neat thing about our small town. Olivia LOVED watching the cheerleaders and mimicking them.

Olivia and I have a tradition of going to the Farmers Market every Saturday to get a pastry and coffee.

she brought her bike on this trip and rode it around the waterfront. amazing!

she also likes to go into the local toystore to play with the toys. she even says "I won't buy anything, I just want to play with the toys."

making some supreme salsa with our tomatoes and jalapenos from the garden.

yep, the beach again

when the tide is right you can walk from the main beach to an island where Olivia loves to climb the rocks.

My parents had the cutest bath time pictures of me and Scott growing up. I want to hang this one up on the bathroom!

walking to the HS to pick up Daddy.

Livi and I went to an apple orchard and it was basically magical

So sweet. I want to frame this one, too!


having a pumpkin donut

taking selfies with Daddy

I caught her expression of joy watching Paw Patrol and it was a little moment of joy for me. Such sweetness watching her delight.

waiting to watch Cade's first XC meet! It was so fun to cheer for him!

just a little chalk outline on the driveway

a special trip to Frosty's with Daddy. Olivia basically eats the icing off the top of the donuts and calls it good.

we got to go to a neighborhood bbq and it was so cool to meet some other families near us. Here is Olivia and her new friend Caroline, who is 4.

Nadxieli sent Olivia the sweetest email, so Olivia wanted to use the computer to send her an email, too.

rock hunting for the perfect rocks to paint.

cleaning the rocks.

and painting them to make doorstops.

watering the plants (and the truck and the driveway,...)

Cade did some homework on the porch, so Olivia did, too.

Livi reading a bedtime book to Georgie.

We went to a cool music class in Brunswick. There were tons of other kids there and I think Olivia had a fun time. At the end they caught bubbles.

collecting acorns

Waterfront Park on the cusp of Fall

see those red leaves??

we bought a princess fairy dress at the second hand store and Livi wanted to wear it right away. To dig in the dirt. :)

Then she wanted to play in the Dora sprinkler. Who can say no to that???

dried off, shoes on, hang time!

balance time

like father, like son.

buckling up George and Hello Kitty

Cade's second meet

we had a lovely hike and dinner with some of our neighbors. I'm so grateful to know them better!

today she perfected her somersault. We've been telling her she's going to go to gymnastics school because she wanted to go to school when Cade did. after she did these somersaults I told her what a great gymnast she is and she said "I'm going to tell my teacher." She starts the class on Wednesday. I'm so excited for her!

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mom said...

Your Dad told me he really liked looking at all these great pictures. Me, too. When I look at them, I don't feel so far away. Well, I still do. But, it makes feel connected. :-)