Saturday, October 4, 2014

Olivia Layne - 33 Months

My sweet love (that's what I call you a lot these days and that's what you call your toys sometimes-it's so precious!) you fill my days with laughter, fun, adventure and sometimes exhaustion! You are so so funny. You repeat so much of what we say. You make this silly "old man face", displayed below, that is too much to handle. The things you ask to do the most are PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, walk downtown, go to the library, PLAY, ride your bike, go to the beach and go to the Children's museum. You will often ask if it's cold out yet so we can go to the museum. Every time we do something together you say you wish Daddy could be there. And every afternoon you ask if Daddy is home yet. I think you might be a Daddy's girl. (the fact that he's the best daddy in the world doesn't hurt!) You talk about Colorado, Nadxieli, Logan, Zaiden, the red house, and other things from Colorado quite a bit. Not so much as if you're missing them and are sad, just matter of fact things like, "Nadxieli has that, too." or "I like the new park in Colorado better." or "Maybe when we go to Colorado we can go to the mall with Nadxieli and my friends." We've done some fun things with new friends here, a little boy around the corner and another little boy, too. I think you enjoy being with them, but they are young two year olds and it seems like you might like older kids (like Logan) better. You love to be included and follow and copy other kids. I have to get a video of you telling a story, it is one of the funniest things. I wonder if your teachers are going to think you are from a very strange family because of the stories you tell about your "mom and dad." You started gymnastics which you really love. It's a class for 2 and 3 year olds. You run and jump, balance, roll, somersaults, read stories, sing songs and have a blast. You have been looking forward to it since before Cade started school because we told you you would get to go to school when he did. Now you get to go to gymnastics school :) As for naps, you are doing great. We are still on the go quite a bit so you end up falling asleep in your stroller or carseat, but I can usually transfer you up to your bed. Other times you are getting much better at falling asleep in your own room. Usually your naps are anywhere from a little over an hour to 2 hours. And nighttime is going pretty well, too. I still rock and sing you to sleep every night. You sleep in your bed all night but have gotten into the habit of coming into our bed every morning at about 5:00 and then sleeping until 6:30. You are still a great eater, still love Curious George, love to play with blocks and Suzy's and dollhouse. You love to use your step stool to turn on the bathroom light, brush your teeth and get water. You love being a helper and a big girl. You are just such a smart girl, too.  I am amazed by you! I love you so much and my life would be a dull, gray, shadow without you. xoxo, Mama

old man face!

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