Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Fall Fun in Photos

our first leaf pile! (we've had many more and aren't even close to the end of our leaves yet. I've dreamed of this day because I have some GREAT memories of leaf jumping as a kid!)

xc meet with 70 teams! Cade improved his time by 3 minutes!)

Livi took my picture. I was there!

Livi has been loving her bike lately

we explored Hyde School up the road on a drizzly day. It was very pretty.

Daddy found a frog

a crazy pile of mushrooms

we built a fairy house in the forest in Hyde School

I got one of my old dolls out to see if Olivia could play by herself with her two big dolls for a while. While that didn't really work, she did have fun washing her hair :)

We celebrated Jeff's bday at A Taste of Maine, a yummy and very quirky restaurant.

silly boys

pumpkin pie and icecream for dessert (and the Broncos won!)

the closest I could get to a family picture for Jeff's bday.

We walked all the way to Frosty's to pick up donuts for Daddy on his birthday morning!

watching the train go by

a craft with leaves and sticks!

A cute ponytail = photo op ;)

a new friend invited us to the beach. In October! It was gorgeous and cold. The kiddos has a blast.

why will she play with the coffee shop toys for minutes upon minutes upon minutes? She says it's because of the Little People and dollhouse, but I have a feeling if we had those exact same toys at home she would lose interest in seconds.

Um, the most special treat EV.ER.

overalls  and pigtails! (and silly faces/poses)

Olivia took another photo of Mama. Not bad :)

"this grass is higher than me!"

afternoon snack on the porch

we invited friends over to play in the leaves and they all had a BLAST. It was awesome.

just a little cleaning up

Cade's latest meet where he took off another two minutes! He's 5 minutes under his first time now!!

Go Cade!

coming into the home stretch!

Autumnfest at Waterfront Park this morning. As we were strolling downtown Olivia said "I love our town." I melted. And probably shed a tear.

we got to ride on an old fashioned firetruck. Notice the mittens and hat. It was legit cold.

and this happened today. A 4 year old, sweetest of sweet, boxer mix named Georgia/renamed Georgie. I think we all love each other already :)

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Erin said...

I can't get over how beautiful Maine and your little town is! As difficult as it is to have a little one who doesn't like to play alone (been there!) I am so happy for you that you are getting to stay home and enjoy her. Being a working mom can be hard, being a stay at home mom can be hard. Watching your blog makes me MISS staying home with my girls.