Tuesday, October 7, 2014



first gymnastics class

celebrating gymnastics class, of course

helping Daddy build a fire pit

getting George and Owlie ready for a stroll to the library

first glimpses of Fall on our tree

the only picture I got of Cade at his 3rd race...oops

a little kid craft for our chili supper in the back yard...mrs. pumpkin heads!

the grownup table with pumpkin and traditional chilli. We had 4 families over plus a friend of Cades!

homecoming football game

getting ready for the dance after mastering the bow tie!

picnic by the gazebo as we waited for pictures

Cade and his date for the dance

the students saw Mr. Schurz and wanted to get a picture with him :)

some of the xc team before the dance

a trip to Pumpkin Land in Mechanic Falls about an hour away

Livi loved the maze and pretended to read the map to figure out which way to go

animal track rubbings

it was one of the hottest days EVER so what a treat to get bubblegum flavored pop. She loved it, of course, and got a tummyache.

drinking on the go

I think she could have fed the horse It was adorable.

little fairy princess

telling me what the other tractors do

I haven't been able to capture the magnificence of the changing leaves-it's amazing! 

she wanted to put the drum around her neck :)

opening a gift from sweet Nadxieli

a fairy crown to go with her dress!

our tree a little farther along

making a poster for Cades race (which she ended up not going to :(

we went on a hike with some other moms and tots-it's a weekly thing so hopefully it will get us out of the house this Fall.

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