Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmassing in pictures

playing dollhouse in her FAVORITE Santa pjs

our 2nd big snow with perfect snowman making consistency, but VERY wet!

Olivia made the (tiny) head :)

cranberry sauce with blueberries and cabernet

hot cocoa in a special mug

jeff's cornbread drying out for stuffing

our beautiful town! Olivia and I braved the storm the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I'm so glad we did. It was magical!

showing her pretty smile for Grammy and Granddad in one of her new Christmas dresses.

sledding down the driveway. didn't last long. the first ride was perfect, the next ride was too far and too fast and too scary, and it was downhill and cold after that :(

making a gingerbread train. maybe a new Thankgiving tradition?

and enjoying some eggnog, of course

we like to have special drinks around here, have you noticed?

ornament making at the library

lighting the tree in the library gazebo with Santa

she wanted to see her long ponytail in the back

and the front

and the side :)

lantern making/parade at the library. (see why I love this town??)

with her cute friend Harrison

making a space ship on a snowy day

even eating lunch in the space ship!

just going for a swim

everyone made a turkey place card for Thanksgiving dinner!

Livi helped set the table

happy thanksgiving!

Jeff installed a pellet stove-ahhh, warmth!

Olivia got her special book from Nadxieli off the shelf and read it all by herself. It was so precious.

she was so excited about her new underwear. it didn't last long :(

more ponytail pictures. I love it.

writing her letter to Santa

she wants dress up clothes, a drawing thingy, a tutu and a book


making pumpkin pie

making handprint ornaments

being a teenager

putting her new detangler in Daddy's beard

painting the ornaments

Jeff straightened up the carriage house, took down two doors, put up posts for new doors and finished the rotten floor in the back. (recently) He's done a ton of work and there is way more to do. As always, I'm amazed and proud of him!

I took a picture of Cades Cross Country picture because he is so stinkin' handsome :)
Livi and I went on the Christmas trolley tonight. We got to sing songs and see houses lit up all over the neighborhood. Then we looked at the decorated shop windows downtown. What fun!

checking her advent house. she gets chocolate and a book. she is way more excited about the chocolate.

I snuck a picture at her gymnastics class. last week she said hula hooping was her favorite part :)

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