Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm on my way to NYC with my good friend Steph. I am SO EXCITED! I cleared out my camera so I have plenty of room for fun big city photos. Here's the dish:

One of my wonderful college roommates and dear friends, Kim, and her hubbs Brent came for a visit last week. They live in Seattle but were in Colorado visiting her fam for a couple of weeks. It was AWESOME seeing them. They drove down from Denver and got to eat dinner and see our home. We had great convo and laughs. It made me miss her even more, but it was worth it!

Here is a picture of this really pretty tree outside our house. Aren't the white blossoms so lovely against the red? Love it!

And I can't stop taking pictures of these gorgeous tulips. They have been providing bouquets for me for weeks on end. And there are still MORE in the yard!

See you when I get back next week!


bass family said...

Have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN in NYC!!!!!!! by the way, the tulips are amazing!

Kimbo said...

Awe, it made me miss you so much, too!!!! It was such a fun night! I have been meaning to email you the copy of the pic off our camera but life has been more than crazy since we returned and I'm just getting caught up on stuff. The yard looks amazing and your trip to NYC looks like it was a blast! Can't wait to see more pics :-) Love you!