Tuesday, September 20, 2011

cribs, dressers, chairs, bookcases OH MY

Look how pretty! Now comes figuring out where to place all of the rest of the furniture! Of course I have time, but I just want it all to be perfect NOW. What? is that so crazy?

Option 1: Chair in corner next to crib, dresser in corner next to bookcase

(I like the chair this way, but don't care as much for the dresser)

Option 2: Dresser in corner next to crib, chair in corner next to bookcase

Option 3: move bookcase next to crib/closet (where the small table is now), put dresser where bookcase is, put chair in corner next to crib (can you picture it, because I didn't have the gumption to move the bookcase yet...)

(dresser on wall instead of brown bookcase, chair where it is, bookcase in corner next to closet-flush against the wall, not diagonal)Decisions decisions...I'm sure I'll have it figured out in a day or two. I just can't wait much longer than that!


m. smals said...

The crib is WOW! I am totally impressed once again with what your husband can do. I can't pictue option 3 because my brain doesn't work that way. But I liked the look of option 2. :-)

Kim said...

Sooooooo cute! Wow, the crib looks amazing!!! I can't believe he made it! Love the pics above the crib. I like the room arranged with the dresser next/across from the crib, so that the white furniture is together and the darker furniture together, but I can't remember which option that was :-) Btw, your bump is SO adorable!