Monday, September 5, 2011

If only weekends lasted forever

We labored on Labor Day Weekend. Aren't you supposed to rest? Well not with my hubbsy. But it's always worth it :) I wish I had a before picture, but trust me, the strip out front was nothing but weeds. We bought 15 plants today and one of our neighbors even brought over some Iris' for us! Now the strip is really looking good. Just cross your fingers that these will live through the winter!

The red flowering plant is called Lucifer. We fell in love with it in Oregon and ran across it at the store today! It's supposed to do well here, even though we are pretty different than Oregon...

Look at this lily from our lily pads!!! Most of the pond plants really thrived this year and did terrible last year. Sadly our fish are sick and we're not positive what is wrong. We lost one about a month ago and another today. I have a feeling at least 2 more will not make it through the night and I'm really hoping they won't all die. They are "just fish" but they are beautiful and you never want to see something you are caring for not make it :(

Another little shot of the crib in progress. Painting is what is taking the majority of the time. Jeff is doing a GREAT job!

The silly chickens still love to jump on their "mama." We got 11 eggs last week and since Sunday we've already gotten 4!




Our beautiful Silver Lace archway

And just like every year, I got excited about the cool weather and couldn't stop myself from bringing out my fall goodies. The house is so cozy and smells like Harvest, which is lovely!

My dear friend, Sar and her precious Sadie. They live in GA but are from Denver and were home visiting. It was awesome getting to see them!

We also spent some quality time at my parents house with my grandparents and cousin Dillon and his wife Allyx. They just moved to CO after being stationed in Japan for the past several years. They are now civilians and students. It was great playing horseshoes, chowing down and having good quality time with them. (They and Scott came to our house for a bbq last Thursday, but I didn't get any pictures. It was fun having everyone over!)

Look at that form. He could be a pro. ;)

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