Monday, September 19, 2011

BUMP - 24 weeks

First, the pretty much finished crib! It looks so pretty :) Jeff has spent a LOT of time on this and it has NOT been much fun. We used a composite wood that we had on hand rather than a hardwood, in order to save money. Well now we know-composite is CRAP. It kept splitting and breaking, it was rough instead of smooth. It became a very hard project, not because Jeff can't make something beautiful, but because he had to make something beautiful out of what turned out to be close to junk :( In the end I think it looks just wonderful and I'm so proud of him for all the time and energy he put into it when I would have given up long ago and put the crib on our registry. I can't wait to get it in the nursery and take a picture. Stay tuned for that!

Baby Olivia is now the size of a papaya or corn on the cob. Hmmm, not sure how those can be the same size, but just go with it :)(this morning)

(last night)

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Sarah said...

the crib looks fantastic... and you look AMAZINGLY ADORABLE!! Love love love it!! p.s. I love your hair too :)