Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feeding the Giraffes and other adventures!

Last weekend we went to the zoo! It was great fun and such nice weather :) Olivia seemed to enjoy looking at many of the animals and she even had fun feeding the giraffes! She also got to visit me at work last Friday, which as fun for both of us. OK, maybe just for me. Who doesn't want to show off their kiddo?!
Mama's office has so many books!

I think I'll read this one.

and this one!

I need to compose an email.

Who's interrupting my work?

Look at that tongue!

You can't see him very well, but there is a little baby toward the left side of the photo. A HUGE little baby :)

so brave!

you can't fully tell but she is giggling and smiling

pretty peacock!

This peacock thought he was hiding!

the otters were so cool! The just kept swimming toward the window wall and kicking off and somersaulting right in front of Olivia!

Snack time for the gorilla.

enjoying some water out of her new Elephant cup

And my new Spring table decor. How creative am I?! ;)

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