Sunday, March 31, 2013

Olivia Layne - 15 Months

Dearest Olivia, oh my how I love you! What a fast month it has been! You are growing so quickly and I'm sure I could say it at every age, but this is my favorite stage so far. You are so interactive with us and it is a blast to not only play with you but to watch you take life in. Sometimes I catch you just watching something or someone as if it were your job. I wonder what it must be like to learn so many things so quickly. I don't have any other babies your age to compare you with (not that anyone could compare!) but you seem so intelligent! You do a lot of fun and cute things, as always. You like us to put soap on your hand in the bathtub and you wash your own belly and hair. You also wash your own hands after a meal. You help by putting things away in the fridge and throwing trash in the trashcan and you dust and mop the floor, too. What a great helper! Your new favorite food are cutie oranges. You could probably eat five a day, but sadly they are a little too citrusy and hard to digest. We even have to hide them so you don't see them and get upset when you can't have one. You still really love to fall back and "crash" onto the floor or bed or pillows and laugh and squeal when we tickle you. You also still don't know that you can't do it on a hard floor or without something behind you-yikes!Last week was just the best because it was Spring Break for Cade and Daddy. We all got to spend the week together playing and hanging out with grandparents. You took your first bike ride and wagon ride and liked them for the most part. You LOVE to have us sing songs that require hand movements, like Wheels on the Bus or Itsy Bitsy Spider. You try the hand motions out, too, and point at us over and over to have us sing again and again. It is do cute! You are going through a bit of a rough patch when it comes to sleep. You just had your 7th night of sleeping all night-woohoo! Sadly you are having a very hard time napping and a pretty hard time falling asleep at night. I think part of it is probably due to our busy week with company and traveling to and fro as well as just growing up and adjusting to a new schedule. Maybe even teething. Speaking of teeth, you now have 10! You got your left molars, so maybe your right ones are following and possibly bothering you? I'm hoping next week you'll get settled back into a routine and your sleep will smooth back out. You play with your hair and eyelashes for a long time while we rock you to sleep, and while it's adorable, I think it also keeps you awake. You'll be on the brink of heavy sleep and then all of a sudden you'll put your hand back up to your head and twist your hair! Silly goose.
You weight 21 pounds and are 31 inches tall. You're out of the 40th precentiles and are now 58th and 65th! What a big and growing girl :)
We love you so much baby girl!
(and now for WAY too many pictures, as per usual ;)

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