Saturday, March 16, 2013

The latest

Last weekend we braved the storm to visit Grandm and Grandpa. Olivia wanted to shovel, of course ;)

Scott, MJ and two of her girls joined us. Olivia wants water.

It was so fun watching Mayelle, who is 22 months. It will be really cool when Olivia can do all the things she can do, like climb up and down chairs, jump, talk and more!

At least they can both play the piano :)

tumble time with Grandpa!

The days are getting warmer! Playing outside after work :)

Look at the boat! all the sides and 1/6 of the bottom are on-can you believe it?!

Olivia thought it was so much fun to crawl around on it!

Putting on her bracelets

Smiling for the camera

This is the adorable outfit I picked out for Library day. Of course her diaper leaked and she had to change before she went. Silly mama!

Remotes are fun

Phones are fun

Hello? (or like Naya says, Bueno?)

Her first taste of dirt. Not so yummy!

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