Saturday, March 15, 2014

changing things up in the house

We decided to put more of Olivia's play things in the basement, thus making our living room area more "grown up" once again, providing more space for her big things like her tent and easel, and giving us a cooler place to hang out as a family when the temps creep up. Here are some before and after pics for your, OK, MY enjoyment :)

view of play kitchen, and play area in living room

notice our coffee table is against the window and the colorful foam floor to the left

just general messiness and game chairs front and center

more cluttered chaos

tidy chairs with quilt :)

Jeff's newest painting hung behind couch

toy basket and teepee

play kitchen

rocking chair now in "nook" with tree plant

coffee table back in front of couch

OK, OK, it's hard to see a big difference, but in person it looks so nice :)

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