Tuesday, March 11, 2014

seriously, why can't weekends last forever?

our new sparkly Tom's. Too bad Olivia's are SO BIG they probably won't really fit her until next year. But she loves to wear them!! 

she wasn't really posing like this, I just clicked mid-movement and voila!

just too cute. "talking" to Cade :) 

"shhh baby"

Jeff came home last each night last week because of swimming pool maintenance. Olivia was supposed to be getting ready for bed, but instead was having a naked 2nd dinner! 

no motor...


...motor! (300 pounds. See how helpful I wasn't?)

more zoo!

the best smile in the world

random cute picture from daycare :)

park time! 

don't forget to check out hundreds of videos here:

(or wait, is it only the Mama that wants to see 100s of videos?!) 

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