Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let Spring Break Begin!

Spring Break is here! Cade arrived last Friday night and we've already had some fun. Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger came for a visit on Saturday and treated us to a great time of fun at a new bowling/laser tag/arcade place. Grandma, Grandpa, Scott, Jeff and Cade all played a game of laser tag, Olivia and I joined in on the arcade games and general running around and we had a fun time eating together as well.

I also had the most wonderful time celebrating one of my dearest friends, Grace, at her bridal shower in Denver on Saturday. It was such a delight seeing her and a couple of other college friends as well. I wish I could have stayed for hours more, but alas, real life has to commence some time.

Enjoy a few photos of our fun times!

serious concentration walking downstairs by herself


playing blocks in the new play area

...and in Cade's room :)

driving at the arcade


Olivia and I had queso while the others played laser tag

Cade and Scott playing air hockey. Cade beat Scott. He also beat me! 

everyone raced on the motorcycles. Cade's style is to stand up!

serious concentration by Grandma

Olivia's style is to stand, too! 

picking out her loot from the points we all won

oh, happy Spring. 


the lovely Grace

Sar, (who just had baby Payton 6 weeks ago AND her appendix removed 3 weeks ago!), me, Steph and Grace

I think it's super hilarious how serious we all are!

let's not forget that we tried on her butterfly flip flops from Hannah while it snowed outside :)

"say cheese mama"

reunited! I love seeing Cade and Olivia interact. They love each other. Here they are sharing a delicious and nutritious snack of Fritos :)

bath time fun! 

kissing cars. one car was Mama, one was Baby and one was Grandpa. 

Olivia coloring with her tongue out

the rainbow snacks I made for Olivia and her friends for St. Patrick's Day

playing with our neighbors Maddie and Jackson. Olivia asks almost daily "go Maddie Jackson's House?"

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