Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saint Patrick's Saturday

Jeff has a swim meet in Denver all day today and I'm happy to report his guys did well :) While he was galavanting around a swimming pool, Olivia and I braved the cold forecast and went downtown for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. I am a fan of parades in person. I don't know why, but I love seeing all the different displays, floats and groups. We all know I'm overly emotional, but I teared up at least three times while watching the bagpipe players, the middle school marching bands and the Irish dancers. It's just really neat to see people who are talented and passionate about what they love taking time to share those gifts with us. 
Olivia had a great time. She got to catch a few pieces of candy and bead necklaces. She sat on my lap the whole time and really watched everything go by. I kept asking her if she wanted to to home because I couldn't imagine she would sit still for that long, but she always answered no. We got a hot chocolate and then went out for lunch afterwards. I would point out certain things as they walked by, like the cheerleaders or the horsies, etc. and almost every time Olivia would say "I like cheerleaders." I like horsies. I like bag pipes." So cute. 

There are also some random pictures included here as well as some from this morning and all the playing we did before and after the parade. Have I mentioned I love weekends???
Sleeping beauty.

She goes down the biggest slide all by herself now. Do you think she likes it by her smile??

Feeding the chickens this morning.

getting ready to jump!

notice her totally appropriate footwear-new sandals from Hannah. for a while she was calling them sand castles!

found a feather

here Mommy, one for you and one for me

playing in the sandbox with some awesome light. which is why I took a million pictures....

Bella joined her

pushing Bella off!


hot cocoa at the parade

playing dollhouse always and forevermore

me and my girl at the parade. we were both wearing green, I swear!

back to the future


playing matching cards

ice cream from uncle scottie!

we made playdoh but it was REALLY sticky :( I may just have to buy some

showing Daddy the hearts she made

climbing up by herself now. YIKES!

you have no idea how hard this is for me to watch

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