Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beware of my eye

No seriously. These pictures are kind of icky. I've had this redness in my eye for 2-3 weeks. But last weekend when Jeff was looking at it he said "I think it's a bump." Really? Yikes! I decided to go to the optomologist. She said it's a cyst. She prescribed some eye drops and if they don't help it by tomorrow I'll have to go to a different sort of doctor, but that it's nothing to worry about. A cyst?! Well, I confess, I'm worried. And paranoid. I keep thinking I can feel it, even though I can't at all. And I think I'm giving myself headaches over it. And I swear it's growing and soon it will cover my whole eye! We'll see what happens when I go back in tomorrow. So far the drops aren't affecting it at all :(

It looks so much worse in person. That red spot is really sort of yellow with dark red all around it and it's raised. YUCK.

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Blomgren2 said...

Sick! No, really though... I hope your drops work.