Thursday, January 14, 2010


(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Montreal La Presse, Ivanoh Demers)
Why do I get to sit here, in my warm office, with a new sweater, drinking coffee with cream, listening to the radio, getting paid, after driving my car, from my big house, when the people of Haiti are dying, hurting, starving, scared, confused, lost, missing, ravaged?
Why do I change the channel when a story about the earthquake comes on the radio? Why do I look away from the papers with the pictures of broken Haitian bodies?
Why do I continue to worry about unimportant things? Focus on materialistic values? Spend money on complete crap? Complain about luxuries I have?
If my heart breaks over this tragedy, how will it ever get put back together? If it breaks over this, it must break over every broken body, disaster, disease, abuse, starving child, hurt family, missing person, aching heart, lost baby, devastation.
If it breaks, how can I live? If it doesn't break, how can I go on?
Would something change if I changed? Would anything change?
My mind is now reeling, teetering, on the brink. Yet I'm not allowing myself to fully take on these thoughts. It's too much. Isn't it?

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Blomgren2 said...

Hey girl, I've been asking myself the same thing. Thanks for helping put this out there.