Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas part 2

Scott and Brandy and my parents came to our house for dinner the weekend before Christmas so we could all be together during the holidays. Scott and Brandy were celebrating with my parents that weekend and then with Brandy's family on Christmas weekend. This is the only picture I got! :( But it's a very nice one!

Christmas in Montrose was, as always, wonderful and delightful! We got to watch the kiddos open presents, went snowshoeing and to the hot springs, had great food and a fantastic time just being together.

Cade and Connor playing a new game

Kylie, Jeff and Conner. Isn't Jeff just precious.

Carving the turkey

Cade and Hannah. Hannah really likes Cade and Cade is so great with her!

Cades cool new bike gloves

This is just a picture of how hectic it can be and I LOVE it!

Pretty Kylie girl

Grandma showing Cade how the pros do the yo-yo

Grandpa and Cade on the precipice

Lucy making her way down the steep hill


Jenn and Hannah (who will be 3 in February)

Cade mastered the yo-yo. He really loved this gift, which was awesome!

Hannah checking out the old fashioned top

Hannah decided it was nap time right on the wood floor, and so Jeff joined her

Cade also got a rocket, which they set up and it then proceeded to break and squirt vinegar directly in poor Cade's eyes :(

EVERYONE played with My Little Ponies this night. Patsy even snuck a picture of Cade brushing a pony.

Hannah sucking on her toe at the dinner table!

Princess Fairy



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