Saturday, January 29, 2011


When I got my first job out of college my parents got me an African Violet for my desk. Guess what, it's still alive 8 years later! I took a picture of it because for years it's been without blooms. I've tried this and that to bring it back to health, and it finally seems to be happy again. I think it started out with about 5 leaves and 3 flowers and now look at it! I've also had a peace lily that my friend Shawna gave my roommates and I my junior year of college because she couldn't keep it alive. What can I say, I'm the plant whisperer. It really still has a way to go until it looks like a violet should, bit it's so much better than it was, I'm just so happy! (of course I'm not showing you the lily at the moment because she is not really looking so hot. Don't worry, I'll get her back to her full beauty soon, too. And that concludes this random post! Happy Weekend :)


Blomgrens said...

I am thoroughly impressed! Way to go!

Sarah said...

I am impressed! I am terrible at keeping plants alive!