Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day and the Girls

It was great fun to celebrate my mom last Sunday! Scottie came down from Denver and we had a great breakfast at Mimi's :)

And what else is going on in our lives other than the chickies? Pretty much nothing, as you can see! They got to spend time with us outside last weekend because it was so warm! They pretty much just ran around together in the same general area and peep peeped the entire time.

From left to Right:
Carmelita, Ruby, Ophelia

Ruby, Carmelita, Ophelia (see how Carmelita is a bit darker than Ophelia?)

The chickies and their loving mother ;)

And a video commemorating the fact that Ophelia ALWAYS gets the worm. It is so strange and hilarious!

Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

I love your sweet little chickies! Chickens are on our list of "things we'd love to do w/ the property eventually" :)

Oh and a side note: I miss eating at Mimi's! :)

Kim W. said...

You look gorgeous, as usual, Ter. And, your chickens are so cute! I bet they give you lots of laughs!!!