Monday, May 30, 2011

where the chicks hang out

To start with some great news...Cade will be here on Saturday-yay! We are all looking forward to having him home :) Hopefully it will be a fun filled summer with bike rides, playing with friends, maybe a vacation, and of course a LITTLE video game playing ;)

Jeff has been REALLY busy with the chicken coop. It is finally almost finished so I wanted to show you the progression. Those are some lucky chicks!

We've also planted our garden: tomatoes, kale, spinach, lettuce, dill, basil, cilantro, sugar snaps.
Our vines and plants are really starting to grow and our trees are finally leafing out. We even got our first pond plants of the season.

Last weekend I got to spend an amazing day with the girls at 2 showers-Tiff's baby shower and Sarah's bridal shower. It was SO FUN!

Of course the photos are out of order, but it's the best I can do. Thanks for stopping by!

The beautiful girls: Grace, Tiff (and baby boy!), me, Sar and Steph

the progression of the chicken coop/run

this is their roost. they knew right away to sit on these and sleep!

When we were (finally) able to get them outside and out of my house Jeff joined them in the coop to make them feel at home :)


enjoying the great outdoors-these are true free roaming chickens :)

Clarence bawls his head off wanting to come outside. What does he want to do? EAT GRASS. Bad boy!

Here he is ignoring a chicken in order to eat grass.

And now he is ignoring chickens to eat chicken food! Isn't it crazy how close the chickies are and don't seem to be scared?!

Working on the chicken run with help from the chicks

enjoying some down time

a few pictures of nature

A view of the roof of the coop from across the street

a little window above the nest boxes

the front door with the next boxes on the right and the run on the left (there will be a vent over the door)

a view of the ramp from the coop into the run

the chickies are pretty intuitive. they knew right away to go into the coop at night and come back out into the run in the morning. We will eventually paint it red to match the house. so fun!

and just a fun pictures of the tulips I brought in from the front yard for our table :)


Carly said...

This is amazing!! Jeff and you are both so talented--him with his awesome building skills, and you with your green thumb. What a beautiful yard, and a perfect place for the chicks to grow up and lay lots of eggs.

Melanie L said...

I did not know you had CHICKENS! I WANT! :D That is too awesome. I guess you will just eat the eggs, and not be frying up the actual chickens, right? ;)

Also, Clarence is such a predatory hunter. I love him!