Friday, May 13, 2011

Whole Living continued

So I haven’t exactly dived (dove? Jumped head first?) into this with my whole mind/body/pocketbook just yet, but it is important to me, and so I’ve decided to log the steps I take on the ol’ bloggy. The first big thing I did, which didn’t turn out to be that “big” was switch laundry detergent. How did it go, making that wonderful natural stuff, you ask? Good question. I was overwhelmed by the task and didn’t actually make it! BUT, I have a friend who has a friend (you know how it goes) who makes it, and so I bought a gallon. Weeeeeeee! Not only will I start washing our clothes without all those crazy chemicals (which not only get on our clothes and therefore our skin, but also wash into the EARTH) I am also helping to support kids going to camp!
Also on my whole living list was to find and buy reusable bags to replace plastic zip locks. Well I found them and ordered them! I bought 2 different styles, so when they arrive we will try them out and let you know how they do!

Because this process is so overwhelming and will pretty much be a whole lifetime effort, I want to remind myself here and now what we already do! (hey, I’m not bragging, I’m just writing it down, mmmkay?)

Using cloth napkins
Using glass food storage containers
Using silverware to stir rather than plastic stir sticks
Using Seventh Generation dish soap
Buying mostly organic coffee
Buying only organic sugar
Buying only organic beef
Shopping with reusable grocery bags
Owning Chickens as pets and egg providers! (OK, we still have to buy eggs for 4-5 more months, but after that, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Still to do:
Change all light bulbs in the house
Use essential oils and water for air fresheners
Make my own cleaners with vinegar and essential oils
Grow our own veggies
Get rid of non-stock pan
Try using vinegar as a fabric softener-stop buying dryer sheets
Put dual flushers on toilets

Things I feel like it’s impossible to do:
Buy clothes, sheets, etc made of only organic cotton from reputable earthy-friendly stores
Buy shoes not made in labor camps
Buy nothing made with any plastic or chemicals (make up, furniture, etc)
Shop at local stores and buy only local and organic foods and products
Buy/eat/prepare only fresh/raw foods-not packaged
Stop using anti-perspirant
Stop driving to unneeded places


Sarah said...

I love your lists! I am really looking forward to following your efforts & getting inspired by you along the way :) The thing I love most is that you're real & honest about it... but then again, isn't it sad that your last list is next-to-impossible?? Goodness me. Anyway! Love you!

Melanie L said...

Awesome! (Can you tell I'm catching up on blog reading?)

Antiperspirant is hard to give up. I have tried ... at least five times. And failed.

Using vinegar as a fabric softener is great. Wool dryer balls also cut down on a lot of static (you can get them at I only clean with vinegar, and use water/tea tree oil for a diaper solution. I scrub with my cloth diaper detergent (homemade). :)

And what about making your own dish soap? I might tackle that next.