Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a post about nothing

Well here I am, with not much to say. So enjoy a few random pictures until I can come up with something clever :)

Playing Wii bowling and golf with my great friend Steph, her bf Josh and Jeff. It was so fun!

very nice form!

please look at this kitty! this is how she lays ALL THE TIME. hilarious!

The chickies are now 4 weeks old. They LOVE their mother hen, Jeff. They like to rest on him (and poo on him)

Scott came over to help install our sprinkler system. He also got to enjoy the chickies.

It was so helpful to have Scottie here last Saturday! It was not helpful, however, that it was freezing and even a little snowy! We worked all day on Saturday, until we got FRUSTRATED and ran out of supplies on Sunday, then Jeff worked ALL DAY on Tuesday. I think we still have 2 days of work left. At least this weekend it should be warm. The front yard is all done! Jeff will be so happy when the project is complete. We will have a perfectly green yard and we will save water and money :)

On Monday I made tostadas. They didn't look quite right, but my oh my were they tasty!

And this ends the post about nothing. Thanks for stopping by!


Carly said...

If Seinfeld can create a show about nothing that entertains the masses, you can DEF write an awesome blog about nothing. I love it!

Sarah said...

I like it! :)

and SNOW? did you say SNOW?