Thursday, May 5, 2011


This whole blogging thing…what is it really? Why did I start “online journaling” in the first place? Honestly, I don’t remember what I started out writing, let alone the reasoning behind it. I’ve tried recipes. I’ve tried family updates. I’ve tried to make people think outside of the box. I’m in a new stage of life now, and motivations can change. I think it may be time to spruce up the ol’ Crossroads. My friend Carly and I have been talking about ways to get more readers to our blogs. Why? Well because of our egos, of course. And also because we could potentially make money by forcing people to read our words being so entertaining that people flock to our sites and advertisers beg to use our sidebar space. Fame! Fortune!

So…what should I write about? Should the posts be funny? Serious? Topical? Full of personal photos and stories, or less personal and full of profundity? (is that even a word? Do I even care?) At times I want to respond to political happenings around the world, but usually I avoid it because I don’t want to stand on my soap box for too long in case I’m wearing heels that day, and hello, that could cause a really sore pinky toe. Not to mention I’d need to be sure I had all my facts together, which requires research, which requires time, and well, I’d rather spend that time shopping online or reading other people’s blogs about clothes, tattoos and recipes! Why do you read the blogs you read? What do you like to hear about? What draws you in? Let’s ponder this together, shall we?


Carly said...

Was my numbered list of brilliant ideas via e-mail earlier this week not enough?!?? ;)

I love your blog as it is, because it's the perfect mix of profundity (totally a word), hilarity and rendomosity. But I'll keep pondering the subject, and I think that together, we can come up with something that will launch us into fame, fortune and lucrative blogging careers that'll allow us to have second homes in NYC with doormen and tiny little dogs.

Sarah said...

I read your blog because I miss you and I love hearing about you & your everyday life. I would imagine, though, that for people who don't know you personally, what would draw them in is your desire to live life well & to inspire change in yourself & others. Just my two cents :)

jotoart111 said...

Very good questions and truly thought provoking. Hmmm, well the blogs I really enjoy reading are read for a couple of different reasons. Some inspire, some simply brighten the day with witty banter, and some are journey blogs that you are able to live life a bit more closely with someone through either a difficult, sad or tramatic circumstance. So I saw all that to say, I think each blog carries a different purpose. Ya know, Ters?!