Friday, August 26, 2011

decisions decisions

Who knew picking out nursery bedding would be such a challenge?! I thought I had it nailed down, but then I started second guessing myself. As if Baby Girl cares! I love the idea of birds, owls and flowers and bright pinks, oranges and greens. So I'm trying to decide between several different sets and also contemplating mixing and matching. I like the Hayley birds and owls, the green in the Simone and the bright colors in the Paisley. Oh dear! Just thought you'd all be dying to know ;)



"Petite Paisley"

"Love Bird" Don't you worry, I'll keep you posted.


Ashley said...

we have the pb penelope bumper we NEVER used and are selling it on craigslist. we ended up using a breathable bumper...

Anonymous said...

i vote paisley!
- Kim W