Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to my craving

Yep, KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. Baby Girl loves potato flakes and beef flavor. Great. But what can I say....YUMMMMMY! And isn't it a lovely table setting?

This weekend has been full of fun things so far. I started making a craft for the nursery. It was pretty fun and it's turning out pretty great and I don't even like crafts! I got to see my great friend Jo and her precious baby at only 7 hours old! She is absolutely adorable and Jo did a great job. I also visited an old high school friend, Erin, and we got to catch up after probably 10 ears. She was unbelievably generous and gave us a TON of awesome baby cloths. And I mean a ton. She has two adorable girls, age 3 and 4 months. More practice holding babies :) Plus I got to see one of my greatest friends, Lusia, at her bridal shower. The shower was over the top with gorgeous decorations and delicious food, hosted by another HS classmate, Mariel. And we still have today to enjoy! Happy weekend to you!

Lusia, me and Mariel

Look at these amazing cupcakes!

Proud papa holding 7 hour old daughter!
Isn't she just perfect?

The craft begins...

Stay tuned!

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Carly said...

Oh great, now I'm craving KFC mashed potatoes, and there is no KFC in Switzerland!!

Baby has great taste ...