Monday, August 22, 2011

We are grown ups

Today's the day we find out BOY or GIRL!!!

Let me show you my latest project. I made a new wooden sign for the baby room! Jeff let me use his Walnut and it is stunning. He also helped me draw the mockingbird, so it is a lovely joint effort :) This picture is a little blurry, but it's still cute.

Yesterday was a BLAST because I got to see Steph, Sar, Grace and Tiff AND 6 week old baby John for dinner! Tiff had the cutest idea that all the girls would wear pink or blue based on what they think I'm having. It was so sweet that they all had fun with it! Steph wore a pretty pink cardigan and purple eye shadow, Sar wore a subtle but confident pink flower in her hair from her recent honeymoon in Hawaii, Tiff wore a cute pink shirt and Grace, well Grace went all out in blue! She had an amazing blue jumpsuit complete with turtles and a comfty band, blue necklace, blue eye shadow, blue shoes and a blue purse! I think all her blue outnumbered all the pink, so if the gender of baby Schurz is up to last nights wardrobe choices, it's probably a HE! It meant so much to me to have a silly, fun little thing like that to look forward to.

As always it was a blast catching up with these girls, and so good for my soul. Can you believe I've known these girls since I was 20??? And now look at us. Grace is in an awesome new career that I know she is going to excel in, Sar just became a Mrs.!, Steph has two little boys who are both starting school this week! and Tiff just had her little John and is a wonderful mom! And I'm halfway through my first pregnancy. Whoa! We really are grown up. And yet young enough to wear ALL BLUE to Red Robin and LOVE it! What fun!

Mama Steph took John and got him all calmed down right away. But really, he did a GREAT job and I think he loved all the attention from such pretty girls ;)

Then Grace got the joy of his smiles. I think he must have loved her blue eye shadow ;)

Sweet Sar with her confident pink flower showing him some love :)

And me, hoping I'm holding him right! Hey, I did pretty good until he started crying and I had to pass him back to Tiff. I wore black under my jacket because I have no inkling of whether baby is a boy or girl.

Here we all are in our colors. And now we only have 5.5 hours until we know who was right!!!

Would you just look at Auntie Grace in her ensemble. What a wonderful friend she is to not even blink an eye at this wardrobe choice all for the fun of her friends and this new mom to be!


jotoart111 said...

Hilarious! I love your supportive friends!!! And absolutley can't wait to celebrate little baby Schurz with you and Jeff!!

Ashley said...

soooooooo fun!!!!! i can not wait ter!!!!! post IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Joy Martin said...

Um. I'm dying to know.