Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saving the environment and $$ and whatnot

Do you know what these mean?


I'm still learning, but they are cloth diaper references. YIKES! There is so much going on in the cloth diaper world and I have so much to learn. I just purchased baby girl’s first 6 diapers on sale yesterday and I’m so excited! They are BumGenius 4.0’s. They are OS, meaning one size fits all and they come with 2 inserts, one for a newborn and one for a bigger baby.

I chose the velcro on this go around. I’ve heard the pros of velcro vs snaps is that you can adjust the fit a little better/snugger and they are a bit easier to close when baby is squirmy. The cons, though, are that baby can learn how to undo the velcro and that velcro wears out faster than snaps. So, maybe my next batch will be snaps. I also think I might try some AIO’s, meaning all-in-ones, i.e. they don’t have inserts that you take out or stuff in, you just have one full piece of cloth diaper, period. A great friend gave me some advice that I should try different kinds until I know which ones work best for me, Jeff and baby girl. I think I’ll try to get plain, inexpensive prefolds, which are probably very similar to what cloth diapers were in the “olden days” for baby girl when she is a newborn, and with those some extra small diaper covers to go over the prefolds. There are also a gazillion different brands to choose from. Whoa, right? I know. It’s overwhelming and exciting! I probably won’t do any in depth posts on diapering, I'm just excited about trying it! I’ll try to keep you posted on what I get and what works best for us. Stay tuned in 5+ months for that info!


Kim said...

Yes, it really is overwhelming! Have you seen They have a deal to try cloth for $10. You pay a certain amount, they send you a variety of cds you want to try [they give you a choice, too!] and you can send the ones back you don't like within 21 days or keep them. I've heard LOTS of good things about the program. But, you'd have to wait until you were really ready to try, which might not be for a few weeks/months of having baby S anyways. Here's the link:

For what it's worth, we bought our cloth from there and though more expensive than buying seconds, they had great customer service. And, we sold ours after we were done on craigslist and made back half of what we paid. Totally worth it! Especially since you don't really know how the diaper will really fit your baby. Surprisingly, there IS a difference!
Have fun :-)

Cheryl H. said...

If I had it to do all over again I think I'd do cloth! There are come cute ones out there too. I have a friend in Chicago who makes amazing cloth diapers. If you want information I can get some to pass along to you. I'm super excited for you! I love when other people have babies!!!