Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Fun!

We've had a great past couple of weeks! Scroll through the photos for the fun times.

A double rainbow! It's been raining every night here and it's been awesome.

Father and son spending time in Montrose and Gram and Gramps place
Cade working on his pushups
Jeff reading a story to Hannah while Cade listened too
Dinner at Jenn, Jake and Hannah's place. Hannah had everyone in stitches.
Cade too big for a skinny cat? I don't think so!
Checking out the Montrose fair.

Hannah changing Raggedy Ann's diapers. Raggedy Ann needed a LOT of changes this night.
Cade took Raggedy Ann down the "slide" at the "pool" just like Hannah got taken down the slide earlier in the day

Cade serenading the family
Hannah was quite the photographer with my camera this weekend. Little does she know she captured some of the best photos of Cade we've seen! Look at this handsome teenager!

Grandpa photo by Hannah
Grandma photo taken by Hannah. This is a rare photo of Patsy who is usually on the other side of the camera. Isn't she pretty?!

Cade is 5'6"-he grew 3 inches since December!
We went 4 wheeling with my parents a couple of weekends ago. It was a blast!

Cade zooming up a STEEP hill while Grandpa took a photo. Nice driving!

This is a photo of Jeff, he just happens to be hidden behind a leaf. Oops!

Cade also got to go camping and sailing in Montrose. I have some awesome pictures from Pasty but don't know how to save them. You'll just have to take my word for it. He had fun and looked like an awesome captain with some cool shades behind the wheel of the boat.

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