Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another post about Olivia

like a little doll

snuggled up with Grandma

content in her crib for about 5 minutes-a good start!

her first real bath! I cried a little because I was worried about how high the water was. Jeff just shook his head and told me she'd be fine-she's going to be a swimmer. She LOVED the bath!

Watching Daddy

Daddy with a silly face

Taking our first walk as the 3 of us

Olivia is still a Tebow fan, despite the loss against the Patriots

Visitors! Aunt Sarah came to meet Olivia. Such fun!

Clarence either protecting or choking his new baby

Grandpa set Olivia right on the table so he could eat!

More visitors! Aunt Tiff with baby John (maybe they'll get married!) and Aunt Steph

A little angel

Snuggle time!

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