Thursday, January 12, 2012

The baby

we tried out our sling today and Olivia seemed to love it!

Look at her little face!

Taking our first walk in the stroller

Same picture different day

Love those little hands!

Grace sent Olivia the prettiest roses and sweetest note-thanks Grace!

Sleeping in the swing-doesn't happen often-baby girls loves to be held and snuggled

Clarence and Olivia taking a nap together

All snuggled up in her new Swaddle Me wrap-thanks Grandma!


Ashley said...


my friend from hs just has a baby too...

i saw some similarities in your is great, but hard! :)

Carly said...

SO very precious. Thanks for your honesty in the post below, too. I feel like I'm learning so much for when I get to the baby-having phase of my life. You are so sweet, Ter. And so honest. And it's ok to cry. Let it flow!! I'm so thankful you have a wonderful husband, sweet baby, and supportive family to help you through this. And faithful friends (even if some of us are far away--always here for you). Love and hugs to you and Livvy!