Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olivia - 4 weeks


Olivia Layne is now 4 weeks old! She had her well baby appointment today and seemed to do great. She is still 21.5" tall, now in the 70th percentile. She weighs 8 lb 13 oz. I love her chubby cheeks and chubby thighs! She is fitting into her cloth diapers a bit better now :) 

We've had a rough go of it the past couple of weeks. She has been crying a lot during the day and evenings. We tried some meds for acid reflux, but it didn't seem to help, not to mention it's peppermint flavored and babies don't like that! It might be a combo of reflux and colic (and the doctors don't even really know what colic is, nice) so we're considering another type of medicine, me cutting out dairy and perhaps a special formula. She also hates being put down now, so setting her in her crib or swing results in crying and a tired mama. I wish I could say she likes her sling or the Moby Wrap, but at this point that's a no.

However today has been the BEST day she's had in a long time. Daddy stayed home today and I think they just love being together so much that it made her much happier.  I wish all FOUR of us could be together all the time. Who knows how this evening will be, but I hope it will be better than usual, too. Livi is making all kinds of grunts and squeaks. She wiggles around and kicks a lot. She has accidental smiles and we're looking forward to real social smiles soon so we can see those dimples!

Jeff loves to play with Livi and Clarence and Clare Bear is a pretty good sport :)

Here is Livi in her princess kitty shirt from Aunt Sara. So cute!

And here are some gorgeous roses Jeff brought home for me last week to tell me I'm being a good mama.

This is a TOUGH job for me and I'm still having trouble coping at times. Some days are good, some are really good, and some are pretty hard. To keep things honest on this old blog, I'm going to see a counselor next week to try to help me out with some of the hard emotions I'm going through. I'd appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers so that I can really cherish this precious girl and all our special time together. Thanks!

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