Monday, January 30, 2012

One Month of Baby

Can you believe Livi turned one month old yesterday? It's been quite the month to say the least. You've seen the pictures-we've got a CUTE daughter!! I thought I'd share a few things I've learned on the journey so far.

Childbirth is indescribable. You'll hear story after story of nurses, epidurals, birthing pools, pushing, etc., but you can never really understand what it's like until you go through it yourself. I admit the whole hospital experience is a blur, but giving birth to Olivia with Jeff holding my hand is something I'll never forget. A miracle!

I've never experienced tired like this tired. I love sleep and let's face it, it's elusive these days. If there is anything worth losing sleep over, though, it's our little gal. (side note-that doesn't mean it's fun to lose sleep!)

Dressing babies is hard! They wiggle and move and cry LOUD. I have still only attempted to put clothes over her head about twice. I much prefer snaps or zippers. We have tons of cute outfits, for which we are so grateful, but I have to stick with what is easy for both of us right now, and that is SNAPS. She's already too big for her newborn clothes. The 0-3 months are a little big, but I have a feeling she'll grow into them pretty quickly. Yikes, she's almost a teenager!

Having a plan for a newborn is a sweet idea, but being flexible is a much better idea. And being flexible for an OCD type A mama is a bit on the tough side. I had all these grand ideas about how our days would look and those ideas stayed ideas, not reality. Week 1 was different than week 2 and so on.

The first month is HARD. Side note, that doesn't mean I don't love my baby! But getting up every 2 hours to feed her is hard. Feeding her feels like being a milk machine. Not knowing how to make a baby stop crying is exhausting and terrifying and depressing and sad and I feel so bad for our little girl not knowing how to make her feel better. Emotions are not just runing all over the place, they are jumping, screeching, swaying, punching and kicking through me, causing many tears for me and many nights of my poor hubby not knowing what to do for me or Olivia. But that's normal. LOTS of babies cry a lot. Lots of mamas wonder what they are doing wrong and what to do that is right. Lots of daddy's are at a loss for how to help and are also experiencing their own emotions and tiredness.

Here is a hard one that goes with the whole planning thing: newborn cloth diapers are not working for us :( I feel sad that not only are we going to have to not be as green as I'd like, but we'll have to spend more money on disposables for now. I'm hoping and praying that the big girl diapers will work like a charm, but until then, with our poor fussy girl, we'll do what works best for us at the time. Hey, I bought the diapers used, so hopefully I can sell them used and it will at least be a wash financially on that side.

I don't think doctors know what they're talking about, they seem to just do a lot of guessing. Poor Olivia cries. She didn't at first. She seemed like such a happy, easy baby for the first 2 weeks. Well that's probably because tiny newborns just sleep most of the time. Plus I've heard that you'll get used to something for 2 weeks and then it will change! The 2nd two weeks have shown us that Livi seems to be at least very uncomfortable if not fully in pain a lot of the time. THe doctor thought it might be acid reflux, but the meds for that didn't work. There might be another med that could work, but of course it's unavailable and the brand name is like $300! Then it might be colic. What is colic? Well the doctors aren't really sure. Apparently since she cries more in the evening it could be colic, but since no one really knows what that is, how do we make her feel better? Maybe gripe water? Maybe gas drops? Maybe she just doesn't like being awake? Maybe she is allergic to my milk? Maybe formula would help? Who knows? Who KNOWS? (no seriously, if you know, TELL US!)

Laundry is never ending. Period.

Babies are SO CUTE. Not just "babies" but OURS. Her little eyes, her scrunchy face, that pretty dark hair. Those little big feet and hands. The rolls on her thighs. Her adorable outfits. Her dimples. We are so excited to see her smile, find out her personality, make her laugh, laugh with her, teach her things.

Finding what works best for your family is what IS best. Not doing it like this book says, like that expert says, like that mommy bloggers says, like your neighbor says, doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. The best thing for your family is what works best for you.

The support of family and friends is immeasurable. I'm so grateful for the meals we've been given, the visits, the trips to the store and the help with laundry and cleaning, the extra hands holding and walking and rocking the baby, the stories from other parents who had similar situations. THANK YOU!

Give yourself grace. For the things that didn't go the way you planned. For the frustration you feel. For the tears. For the questions. For the worries. This is a huge life change. It's for the best. It's a great change. So while you figure it out, let yourself let go of some of those things. Let yourself settle into what is going on. Let the adorable new life in your life wrap you up in her dimples, her tiny fingers, her precious lips and even her tears.

I've mentioned that Olivia doesn't like to get her diapers or clothes changed. She cries a lot while she is awake now. But let me tell you what she likes. She likes to be snuggled facing you on your chest. She likes to look around while you hold her when she's not crying. She likes the sound of a bathroom fan and a vacuum. She likes to take a bath (although doesn't like getting out of the bathtub-brrrr!) Swaddling worked for a while, but I don't think she loves that any more. She seems to like sleeping either on one of our chests or in her vibrating seat. She likes to be walked around and held on your chest. She likes car rides and stroller rides.

We've learned a lot, but I feel like I still know nothing. We have much more to learn and figure out and I'm crossing my fingers and toes and eyeballs that the next month will be even better than the first. Being a parent to a newborn is a lot more work than I thought, but already it's rewarding and fun and has taught me a lot about myself. Having a wonderful husband makes all the difference in the world. Jeff is much more patient than me, and is so soothing and empathetic to Livi. He is amazing for both of us as he has been for Cade these past 13 years. I don't know how single parents can do this, but I am so impressed by any and all parents who lovingly raise their kiddos.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we try to figure out if Olivia is hurting or just fussy for fussy sake. Thanks again for journeying with us.


Sarah said...

Ter... this post is SO FULL of wise words. You are doing a GREAT job... I am so amazed at your insight. I could barely form sentences, so your eloquence is especially impressive :) We all are just doing the best we know how, we figure out what works for us for that moment, then just try to take it moment by moment, day by day, learning and adjusting along the way. Thanks for being real, honest, and vulnerable...

can I just mention that I totally agree with you on putting clothes over newborn's heads??? SOOOOO stressful for me (and the babies!) After the first time, I refused to do it. Our babies pretty much lived in one piece sleepers that zipped up the front! ha! My mom kept buying all sorts of adorable outfits... that had to go on over the head. I told her that she had to put them on and take them off or they would get no use.!

Sara said...

France, Sadie was kind of fussy until I removed all dairy from my diet. She was unable to tolerate it and the truth is, she still really can't. When Sadie stopped nursing all of a sudden at six months, we had to get her the soy formula and now, she drinks soy milk or Lactaid because the regular milk upsets her stomach like crazy. The doctors say to "keep trying her with milk" but from what I understand, the definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. As much as we try, milk upsets her tummy and all cheese, etc. does, too. She can handle a little bit of dairy but it is painfully obvious if she has had too much. I don't know if this helps at all but it is worth a shot.

Ashley said...

My sister's baby was colicky....for no reason. Cried all the time and there was nothing they could do for. The one soothing technique that seemed to work the best was the 4 S's from Dr. Karp I think. That would calm her down for a bit. The good news....she just turned 4 months old and like all the books say at 4 months colic stops...and she is like a new baby. SO, if that is the case for LIvi there is an end in sight. I think Tiff tried to get rid of dairy in her diet too and it hepled a smidge. Hang in there! You love your sweet baby and as all things this too will pass.