Saturday, January 21, 2012

Olivia - 3 Weeks

Our computer has been broken :( Luckily Grandma Smalberger is here today and she brought her laptop so I can catch up at least a little. Can you believe Olivia is 3 weeks old already? I can't tell you how many people have said "enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast!" I've also had a few friends remind me that not every moment is enjoyable and that's OK, too. I can see little Olivia changing bit by bit-she is really getting bigger! Her little legs are still a bit too skinny for our cloth diapers, but I still like to use them. Hey, if I have to wash the diaper, what is the big deal about washing her outfit, too? I think we'll continue to use the disposables at night for a while. I'm just not quite in the place where I can be awake enough to rinse the cloth diapers out at 3am. It's a compromise and I'm totally fine with that. She layed in her crib contently for about 5 minutes a couple of days ago. YAY! She also looks around quite a bit now when she's awake-she likes looking at the lights on the ceiling. We've had a couple of hard nights with her crying a lot, but we've also had a couple of good nights with long stretches of sleep. Last night was awesome because she slept in her little chair most of the night rather than on her mama. A good friend, Kimberly, told me she thinks babies go in cycles and as soon as you get something "figured out" it will change and you'll have to figure something else out. We're certainly getting more used to things, but we have a long way to go. Thanks for keeping up with our journey :)

This was our attempt on her actual 3 week birthday-not so into it. So the above photos are the following day.

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