Friday, June 1, 2012

Olivia Layne - 22 weeks/5 months

My precious daughter, how quickly time goes by. Can you feel how much you are loved? Do you know how important and special you are? We just love you so much! What a week it has been. We had an awesome extended weekend because of Memorial Day. We got to visit some college girlfriends, had some relaxation and rest, and got some yard work done! Daddy hung up your swing out back and you seem to really like it :) We FINALLY got to hear a good old belly laugh from you. Daddy was holding you and I was just standing in front of you making silly noises and it just tickled your fancy. It was precious and priceless. You seem to have a serious or contemplative soul, so those laughs are few and far between. I like to think you are just catching up with other babies your age now that you are feeling so much better :) This is your first week of summer, so next week I will report on how much fun you and Daddy (and Cade!) are having together. I'm so jealous and my heart aches that I can't be with you. I am doing my best to provide for us and at the same time cherish all the time I get with you. Now if only we could get a housekeeper ;) You're my favorite daughter of all time, Laynie Bug! xoxo!


Sarah said...

She is growing & beautiful! I just love hearing you go on and on about her... you are such a great mama!! Have an amazing summer!! :)

Leslie said...

Terri, her smile in that first photo kills me. She's so cute!!