Friday, June 8, 2012

Olivia Layne - 23 weeks

You're laughing more! It's still not easy to get you to giggle, but when you do, it sure melts my heart. What a beautiful sound! A day or so ago you were sitting on the couch "helping me work" when you started to topple over. I was there to catch you, but you also caught yourself and looked up at me. It was so cool! Then you laid on your tummy for a while on the couch, just moving about a bit with your legs and feet until you rolled over. You also grab your feet and toes a lot and have even been seen sucking on your toes! It seems like you are really figuring out your little body parts more. I must admit I can't wait for you to sit up and crawl, but I know that will change my life in a crazy way, too, so take your time I guess ;) Cheryl sure missed you last week. She said she was telling everyone about you. When I took you to her house on Tuesday she gave you lots of kisses. I'm glad you loves you! You and Daddy came to visit me at work this week. It was fun introducing you to everyone and hearing how cute they think you are. You would stare at them for the most part, but sometimes start to cry and then turn your head toward me. It makes my heart warm to know you feel safe in my arms. I will do my best to always protect you. When you saw the tall man with the beard and glasses you started really crying! You must have been quite scared of him. Hopefully that will make Grandpa Smalberger feel better. It's not just him, it's men with beards. But I know you will start to recognize him and won't be scared of him for long. Cade is here and you are still trying to get reacquainted with him, too. He tries to get you to smile, but you are leery. I'm hoping you will both love being with each other long before the summer is over :) You are my heart, my Laynie Bug! Love you!

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Sarah said...

AHHHH!! That is a GORGEOUS smile!! I love how you're recording each week in a letter to her. This girl will know how much her mama loves her!