Friday, June 29, 2012

Olivia Layne - 26 Weeks/6 months

What a week this has been! You got to meet your Great Grandpa Smalberger, which was just so special. He sure loves you. We also took our first road trip to visit Great Grammy and Gramps in Nebraska. Well, you do NOT like the car :( The trip usually takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes. YOUR first trip, however took about 6 hours. You cried for approximately 55 minutes (not that anyone was counting.) Now since Daddy was the driver and his heart just breaks when you cry, we knew we'd have to have a plan for your tears. We decided to stop any time you cried for more than 5 minutes. Yikes! We left after work on Thursday. You did great until Limon, which as about an hour. You got a little restless right before we got there, so we stopped for dinner, which was perfect. Once we got in the car, though, you were NOT happy to be there. You cried for about 10 minutes. And we're not talking a whimpery, small cry, we're talking a BIG, SCREAMY, DEVASTATINGLY SAD cry. So we pulled over at a gas station and I nursed you and changed your diaper. You seemed happy again. Until we pulled out. Then you cried again! For 15 minutes. So we stopped at a rest area and Daddy walked around and around with you. We knew you were tired, but for some reason it is very hard for you to fall asleep (inside or outside of the car for that matter.) After walking around for a while we got back in the car. You cried a smaller cry for a shorter time and finally fell asleep. Phew. BUT, brother had a tummy ache and needed to stop. Sooo, after about 20-30 minutes of driving and sleeping we stopped at McDonalds. We were really hoping you would stay asleep. No such luck. Pretty much as soon as the car stopped you woke up. How do you know when we sit down, when the car stops, when the stroller gets back home???? So we had some ice-cream at McDonalds. Then we got on the road again. And again you cried. :( I can't remember for how long, but finally you fell asleep again and we drove on, praying we wouldn't need to stop for gas/bathrooms/tummy aches or anything else. And we made it! We got to the farm at about midnight Nebraska time. We decided we'd buy a house there so we wouldn't need to drive back home! We got to go to the lake, and you seemed to like taking a dip in the water. We also went to our first restaurant, and you didn't seem to like it at all. Daddy had to shovel down his food so he could take you outside and walk around with you. You and I went to a wedding and you looked so pretty in your wedding dress. There were a lot of babies there, but you were clearly the cutest :) The drive home was actually much better, although I didn't want to leave! You hardly cried and slept for a lot longer. I don't think we'll take any more long trips any time soon, but if we do, we'll try it in the morning and see if you still like that time better.
You like bath time and don't even mind getting out of the bath anymore. You still do not like getting clothes put over your head, but you don't cry as much-you just frown and kick your legs and let me know you are not comfortable. You wake up 2-4 times a night. YIKES! You wear mostly 6 months clothes and depending on who diapers you, you have 3-4, sometimes 5 snaps showing. Daddy doesn't realize you have to wear these diapers until you're potty trained. He's going to have them unsnapped when you're two at this rate!
You had your 6 month appointment today! You weigh 15.1 lb which is the 30th percentile. You are a petite petunia, still. You went up to the 35th percentile in heighth at 25.5". And your head, my dearest, is in the 92nd percentile! You must be a smart cookie ;) The doc said we should start trying baby foods. I'm not sure I"m ready! We might pick some up at the store this weekend, we shall see. Maybe experiment with a sippy cup. It sure seems like she wants you to grow up a lot faster than I want you to, and faster than I think you need to! I'm sorry we had to give you shots today :( I'm hoping you won't get a fever. You fell right to sleep when we got home, though, so I think they affected you quickly. I hate to see you in pain like that, and I know Daddy does. Poor girl. I just hope we're doing the right thing for you. I guess we'll trust the medical professionals for now. You are our little angel princess cupcake! Love you so much!
Love, Mama

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