Friday, July 6, 2012

Olivia Layne - 27 weeks

Dear Laynie Bug, you are half way to a year old now. I can't believe it! You are growing like a weed. You can sit so well by yourself now. But don't worry, we won't leave you unattended to topple over. You are great at grabbing things, too. Your eye-hand coordination has improved. You've had some funny days of babbling on and on, which is just priceless. When you're on your back you wiggle a lot more, twisting and turning, and I think a roll might be in the near future. Your smile and those dimples are just too adorable. I like to say "too bad all you other parents out there who think you have the cutest baby girl in the world. You're wrong!" Hehe. I think I could be quite content to just stare at you all day long. Now, if only you would sleep a teensy weensy bit longer at night. You've had some nights of LOTS of waking this week. Let's hope it's not a new trend, but just a few day thing, because this mama is getting pretty tired!You tried rice cereal twice this week and were NOT a fan either time. You would get it in your mouth and basically let it dribble out with a puzzled look on your face. Then ou would start crying. Poor girl! You celebrated your first Independence Day this week. We went up to Grandpa and Grandma Smalberger's house for a BBQ. Great Grandma and Granddad were there, so were Dillon and Allyx and Aunt Janet, who you met for the first time. There were two big doggies there and you had a blast playing chase with one of them. You love doggies! We didn't have fireworks because of all the terrible fires in Colorado, but it was a grand celebration just being with family. Besides, YOU are way better than silly old fireworks :) You and your brother fill our hearts, sweet girl. We love you!

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