Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olivia Layne - 28 weeks

Sweet Liv, you are such a joy! You're starting to laugh a lot more easily. When we tickle you, or play peekaboo, or make silly faces. It's so fun! You are getting so strong with your sitting and it's been neat to be able to have you sit a little in the bathtub so you can play more rather than just laying down. When you sit on your blankets on the floor and play with your toys by dragging them to you or picking them up you sometimes seem like you might pull yourself forward onto your knees to learn to crawl! I don't know if I'm ready for that stage yet. A mover and a shaker!!! You are bringing in your first tooth! Daddy felt the bump two days ago and last night you were so sad and we think it may have been because of tooth pain. We felt it much more sharply last night. I can't picture you with a tooth or teeth. So big! Cheryl says you are doing great at her house. This week you sat in the jumper while Ian played with you. You are getting more able to not be held and maybe realize you are still safe. You still love to be held most of the time (and walked!) but the times you can play on the floor, in your tea party, in a swing, are increasing in length. Good job! We met a friend for breakfast last week who commented on your eyes twice. She was amazed by how blue they are. She said they are like blueberries! Lots of people comment on your pretty eyes. Grandma Smalberger and Daddy have both mentioned that your hair looks red sometimes. I don't see it. I guess time will tell. One of my favorite things is to watch Cade interact with you. He sure loves you. He likes to say "Baby!" to get you to look at him, then he does funny things with his face and hands to get you to smile. He likes to hold you, too, but gives you back when you seem unsure or might even start to be unhappy. It's so wonderful that you have such a good big brother! We've tried rice cereal about 3 times and you didn't like it at all yet. We also tried squash, but you didn't like that either. I don't blame you-it was yucky! We put an avocado on your try last night and you had fun squishing it around and making a mess. Daddy put a little bit in your mouth and you seemed to gum it up and maybe swallow it without incident, but then when we tried again you were not having it! It's really cool to see you try new things. You seem to change week by week. I can't wait to see what this next week brings! We love you! Mama, Daddy and Cade xoxo


jotoart111 said...

Ter!! Those blue eyes are just beautiful!! Liv is so precious!!! I miss you and wish you wOuld reenroll at CSU! I deactivated my fb so let's email and I'm hoping to start blogging again. Love you

Kim said...

Oh what a fun stage!!! She is beautiful!!!! I kind of see the red, too, but maybe just because I'm biased :-) Miss you!