Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sum Sum Summertime

A TON of photos from the past several weeks of fun we've had. Buckle up!
Cade is making a DVD stand for his thousands, I mean tens of games. I had to leave the garage because my stomach hurt with the idea that he would cut his finger off!

Tiff came back to CO for her son's 1st birthday!

Smash cake. Good job John!

Tiff, Baby John, Steph and future baby boy #3, me and Livi

Smores night with Cade and his friend Conner

Jeff loves the way this plant looks up close so he took some photos and even caught a black bee. There are probably hundreds of bees on this plant. Yikes!

another fun 4 generation picture on the 4th of July

Cade and "uncle" Dillon, who is really my cousin. I think Cade was giving this special ops Marine a run for his money!

The first time my Aunt Janet got to meet Olivia

Olivia loves her Grandpa Smalberger...

...and his beard

Olivia's 1st four-wheeler ride!
Brother and Sister

Livi loves to wash dishes?

Jeff's next project. Yep, this is a boat platform. Permanently IN our garage floor. So exciting!

Look at that face!

Swimming again

Daddy did a photo shoot with Livi and her daisy

Daddy's new tool

Stay tuned for more summer fun!

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