Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Summer Fun (photo dump)!

chickies on the waterfall

grandma and grandpa visit (nice face daddy!)

just precious

I LOVE this one!

brother and sister

grandma and great grandpa!

swinging in her "new" swing

playing a yard game in nebraska

trying to fly a kite. rejected every time. I never knew it could be TOO windy for a kite!

that doesn't stop great grandma from having fun!

checking out great gram and gramps chickies

sitting up and playing with dolly

cade's favorite part of the trip-shooting!

isn't this one funny? both relaxing with their arms propped.

a trip to the lake. thanks "uncle" Dillon for lending us your boat and wakeboard!

cade getting ready


olivia getting in the lake for the first time

not bad

livi and mommy went to a wedding in our pretty dresses

of course brother is playing his computer in nebraska!

livi loves her puppies!

doing some reading

and of course cade drove the golf cart around a lot.

yikes! too fast!!!

great granddad and livi
great grammy and livi

we did some bowling to escape the 107 heat!

livi wanted to play, too

in the car on the way back to colorado

view of the Waldo Canyon fire from our office

we could see the flames race over the ridge-it was such a crazy and scary thing.

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Jamie Grumet said...

Hey Terri! I love your blog! Just thought I'd pop in to say I love reading it! You have a beautiful family!