Friday, July 20, 2012

Olivia Layne - 29 weeks

One of my favorite things that you've started doing is falling asleep with your sweet head resting on my shoulder. You seem to really love having your blankie near your face, so I put it over my shoulder and you fall asleep there. I could just sit and rock with you like that for hours. If you would actually sleep for hours, that is. You aren't sleeping well lately. For naps or bed time. I think you wake up every 1.5 hours! And for naps you wake up after about 30 minutes! Plus it takes a long time to get you to stay asleep. What is going on, lovie? I'm hoping that when school starts again and your days become more consistent that maybe your naps will get better again, too. Everywhere we go people comment on how pretty you are. It's so true! You've started kicking your legs when you get excited, and maybe also when you get frustrated. You have also started drinking water from your sippy cup! No food for you yet, though. It's fine with me. You can stay my tiny baby this way ;) It is a great joy to watch you and your brother. He's started making you laugh and it is precious. Now you play a game together where he'll put his forehead toward you and you'll open your mouth really wide and put your forehead forward to touch his. I love seeing you two together. Over the summer you have become quite the daddy's girl. It's been so special that he has been able to be your primary caregiver. If he is in the room and not the one holding you, you will cry until he comes to get you. If he is in the room and then leaves the room, you will cry, too! Just like I say every week, we are so thankful for you. You bring us so much joy! We love you!

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Cheryl said...

Olivia is so beautiful, and expressive in all of your pictures!