Friday, July 27, 2012

Olivia Layne - 30 Weeks

Baby girl,

Like I say every week, I can’t believe how much you are growing and learning! You can pick objects up like a pro now. It is so fun to see the wheels in your brain just turn and turn. You will lean waaaaaaaaaaaay forward to try to grab things, but you still HATE to be on your tummy, or even on your knees if I try to set you that way. Maybe when you end up that way all on your own you will think it’s fabulous  We found out on our “camping” trip that you LOVE dirt! You just sat and scooped and pushed that dirt for minutes on end. And we all know that is no small feat for you. It was hilarious and precious and fun! (until you rubbed your eyes with those dirty hands and everyone, especially mama, got worried you would hurt your poor eyes.) At our camping trip you reconfirmed that you seem to really love the outdoors and being social. You got to play with cousins and meet lots of family and you seemed to be so content. As for naps, well yours are getting shorter and shorter, but I don’t think that’s a good thing. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, the mixed up schedule, the fact that you wake up every 2 hours at night or what it is. I know you probably need more sleep during the day, so I’m investigating how to help you with that. I’m also hoping to gently help you sleep longer at night. We’ll see how it’s going in about a month. We keep trying foods, but you still aren’t a fan. We’ve tried a piece of raspberry, banana, avocado, strawberry, peas, a cracker type thing and back to the rice cereal and baby squash. No thanks, you say with your hilarious scowl and turning of your head. OK, sweet girl, we’ll try again later. You do, however, love to drink water from your sippy cup, or any cup or bottle for that matter! 

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