Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This and That

Anniversary! Married for 4 years and ready to celebrate at the Melting Pot. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger for watching Olivia :)

Cade's first lawn mow!

Dad observing

Dad and Livi hanging out with Cade and his new computer!

We spent a couple of hours in Old Colorado City and guess what happened...


...yep. BAD DADDY! Baby's first taste of food was ICE CREAM!!!!

Yum? (Mommy wasn't terribly impressed.)

We bought a baby pool. Liv wasn't sure what to think of it. Maybe in a couple of months she'll be able to play better in the water.

She's pretty cute in her swim shirt, though :)

Do not try this at home. Bumbo's are not meant to be flotation or swim devices! ;)

Look at that cute bottom!

I keep wanting to get a cute picture of baby feet. I guess I'll keep trying.

I had to try to get a photo of this adorable jumper. It was 90 degrees this day!

Liv and Clarence. He is a very good kitty. He really allows a LOT of hair pulling before he leaves.

Mommy and Livia reading.
That's all for now. A great start to summer!

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Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! (Melting Pot is a GREAT choice :))

Such great pictures! Love you & miss you, thankful to keep up w/ you on the blog! :)